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Interview with Luis Mochòn Sensei

By Fabio Branno

Fabio Branno: A small Mon-Do with Luis Sensei, who in this exchange is told through his vision of practice.
Enjoy the reading!.

Q: Who is Luis Mochòn?


A bunch of temporary experiences surrounding a timeless consciousness.

Q:  Is Aikido a Budo?

I don't know what Aikido is for each person. I am a budoka and Aikido is my way.


Q: What do you think about teaching Aikido?

O sensei said that Aikido is not kata, he also said that Aikido is a study of the spirit. Therefore, I think it can't be taught. If someone spends his time teaching it, he will remain only on the surface. I believe that Aikido can be inspired not taught. What is taught is nothing more than the pages of the book, not the content.

Q: What does it mean the Freedom in Aikido?

For me, freedom in Aikido would be two things:
-To move naturally and think clearly facing any conflict situation, to be able to resolve it without losing ourselves.
-Not being prissoners of an idea of Aikido or about Aikido.

Q: What is the state of mind you seek for, in your practice?

I think the way is a clear, awake, sharp mind. And I think the means for that mind is stillness.

Q:  How much the icon of O Sensei inspire your research?

In my semminars I meet many people who didn't read or watch O Sensei. I also believe that's their sensei's responsability. The Do is infinite, but the direction we followed was set by O sensei. I continually study his pictures, videos and texts. When I say study, it is not correct perhaps, I mean that I let myself be inspired, touched by his spirit.

Q:  What is Happiness for you?

Happiness for me is when I feel connected. When I go to the country, or to the sea, or I am with someone or alone, or I read something, write something, or watch a movie; when I eat something, when I train with someone ... any situation in my life when the feeling of being separated disappears, and we feel us as one ... In those moments I feel a fullness, I think it might be happiness.

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